Elisa Kley







Surname: Kley
First name: Elisa
University: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover
Area of study: Fashion Design
Place of residence: Hannover, Germany

For Elisa Kley fashion works like a cultural asset that gives people the chance to communicate with each other without any words through their external experience. As a fashion designer you combine art and design with functionality and necessity. According to Elisa Kley, as a fashion designer you have the chance to question and rethink all these aspects and to influence them at the end of the day. It was this fascination that made her decide to become a fashion designer.

With her designs, the focus is on the abstraction aspect. Every aspect can serve as inspiration as long as you manage to make the ideas abstract and modify them in the form of a fashion collection moving between wearability, the avant-garde and a love of experimenting. Whether it’s a feeling, object, art form or thought – fashion can be an abstraction of them all. It is an abstraction of the world that surrounds us – an idea that can be made visible and tangible.

Elisa Kley’s collection starts with the “feeling of travel” as its inspiration. Freedom, letting go, arriving, leaving, resting, stopping or being restless – a feeling which can be transformed into an innovative and experimental collection through abstraction. The collection deals with the visualisation, development, explanation and abstraction of this thought/feeling and reflects it in the selection of materials and shape.


Designer's message

“Fashion has an incredible number of facets: from design, art and culture to psychology and philosophy. Who wears what and why? What does this say about the person or what do they want to express about themselves through it? Fashion’s impact on people and their environment has always fascinated me and continues to massively influence my thinking and designing.”