Edda Gimnes







Surname: Gimnes
First name: Edda
University: London College of Fashion
Area of study: Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear
Place of residence: London, UK

As Edda Gimnes grew up she quickly started to push the boundaries of what was expected in Oslo – in a number of ways but particularly in fashion. Before wanting to be a fashion designer, she wanted to see what else was out there; this is what drives her interest in design and fashion. After she finished sixth form she went backpacking around the world, which had a huge impact on how she is now constantly on the lookout for new and unique places and objects.

Moving to London was important as well. Edda Gimnes absolutely fell in love with the city – just like a melting pot with so many different cultures and people. The city was so different from Norway – everyone has their own identity in London and can be more experimental with their style and aesthetic.

Edda Gimnes illustrated her whole collection using her opposite hand to which she usually draws with to present a naïve aesthetic and a hand rendered look. The quick and free drawing style is then digitally printed onto canvas in black and white, which becomes her garments. This creates the idea of a trompe–l’oeil effect. All her illustrations have been developed from 2D to 3D, giving life to her drawings, like walking illustrations. When you see her collection, she wants the viewer to be able to make up their own narrative and get carried away into a fantasy world of fascinating and original characters.

Designer's message

“The way you are able to express yourself through fashion and art. Designing allows me to make my own dream world of different characters, and let my imagination run wild. The way we dress says so much about what kind of people we are.”