David Kälble







Surname: Kälble
First name: David
University: AMD Akademie Mode & Design
Area of study: Fashion Design
Place of residence: Cologne, Germany

Creativity has always played a big part in David Kälble’s life. He decided to become a fashion designer as for him the development of fashion represents an extremely exciting and applied form of art that people can relate to. What also makes it so interesting is that fashion changes incredibly quickly, allowing you to realise many new ideas and inspirational influences and turn them into design season after season.

His design style is shaped by both the past and future. He is often inspired by foreign cultures and countries and tries to transfer historical narrative themes related to the present into the future. David Kälble feels particularly close to the African continent, which has given him lots of creative impulses during his many travels. He loves being inspired by exotic ethnic groups and tribes. In brief, his design style can be described as exotic, modern and sensuous with a mixture of couture influence and casual everyday wear.

For his collection, David Kälble was inspired by a trip through South Africa. South Africa’s post-apartheid social structure was particularly influential. Here, he focused on the extreme multiculturalism and made sure that as many different cultural influences were combined in one item. As a result, there are European clothing elements in the collection, paired with ethnic silhouettes and lines, based on Ndebele art. Resulting in a melting pot of different cultural inspirational influences.


Designer's message

“For me, fashion is a kind of art that allows you to visually and individually express your own aesthetic perception. The interplay between harmony and disharmony and breaking up natural proportion in textile form in relation to the human body are what particularly fascinate me. For me, fashion is a form of communication.”