Leandro Cano







Surname: Cano
First name: Leandro
University: CEADE Leonardo, Sevilla
Area of study: Fashion Design and Management
Year of birth: 1984
Place of residence: Barcelona and Sevilla, Spain

I am inspired by… memories of my childhood, my roots, the women in my family, items and places that cause a visual impact, antique, space, photography.
My motivation to take part at DfT is… to share my work with great designers like Marc Jacobs, the mere fact of being part of DfT is an emotional achievement on both a personal and professional level.
My thoughts about Marc Jacobs: He has carried the forefront of every day, standing apart from the rest and conveying overall versatility in different areas and to a variety of audiences. Not to mention besides being incredibly creative, he is a good businessman who knows how to adapt to every situation.

What I want to express with my design: My life, thoughts and dreams
My collection in three words: INTIMATE, because it reflects my memories and emotions. ELEGANT, because it represents a sophisticated and classy woman. UNTIMELY, due to its improper moment.

My passion outside of fashion: Photography and sculpture
If you were a fashion piece in 2012, it would be? A black jersey which degrades in textures. Starting with wool and ending with lots of textures and volume.
Your personal message: I would like to thank so many people who believed in me and helped me go forward .I think I am very lucky to have people who love and support me. And most of all I would like to thank DfT for giving me the opportunity to be part of this exciting project.


Designer's message

In general, Leandro Cano is inspired by the memories of his childhood, his roots, the women in his family, items and places that cause visual impact. His goal is to express his life, thoughts and dreams through his designs. The inspiration for his collection “Buffet” is therefore full of his family and friends. To study images, shapes and volumes has become an obsession of Leandro.  His intricate designs with impressive details demonstrate how to put a 3D twist on a folklore fabric and how glamorous and extravagant a knitted coat can be.