Camilla Salgaard Nielsen







Surname: Salgaard Nielsen
First name: Camilla
University: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
Area of study: Fashion Design
Year of Birth: 1986
Place of residence: Copenhagen, Denmark

I am inspired by… no specific thing or place inspires me in particular. I find inspiration everywhere – anywhere, whenever – it can be when sitting on a café staring at people, seeing a special surface structure in the nature, a conversation, watching a movie… anything!
My motivation to take part at DfT is… to be recognized for what I do – for what I love!
My thoughts about Marc Jacobs: Not only does Marc Jacobs design beautifully and cleverly, he also seems to be down to earth and the journey getting him to where he is today is extremely fascinating and inspirational! He has had the passion from an early age and proven that if you have the will you can achieve your goals! He is a great inspiration!

What I want to express with my design: The wow-effect!
My collection in three words: Strong. Sophisticated. Black.

My passion outside of fashion: Travelling
If you were a fashion piece in 2012, it would be: A leather tote. Then I could live and breathe being my vice!
Your personal message: It is amazing to be one among the final five, and a great honour to receive recognition for my effort and hard work. I constantly have to pinch myself to be sure that this is actually happening…!


Designer's message

After reading „Alice Adventures in Wonderland” she had the idea for the collection. To Camilla Salgaard Nielsen the fairytale tells a story of growing up, a story of a girl that feels misplaced and misunderstood.

With these – sometimes unpleasant – feelings in mind the main focuses of the collection are on hips, breasts and shoulders – both in sophisticated silhouettes and subtly cut lines. These three focus points refer respectively to the changes of the female body during puberty, as breasts and hips start growing, and the insecurity associated with pulling up your shoulders and wanting to hide.

It is about growing up and entering a beautiful and feminine universe, by transforming something vulnerable into something powerful.