Designers 2012



To share his work with a great designer like Marc Jacobs and being part of DfT is an emotional achievement for Leandro Cano, on a personal and professional level. Leandro currently works as a senior designer for Jose Castro and has a degree in Fashion Design and Management from the CEADE Leonardo University. Seeing fashion as art, passion and concept, Leondro created his collection “Buffet”, paying total attention to detail and trying to highlight the Arabian influence of the Andalusian culture. Sculptured looks in wool and leather transport the main message behind his designs. Outside of fashion, Leandro has a great appreciation for photography and sculpture.

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Leandro Cano



Ramil Makinano sees fashion as a lifelong devotion, that may be inspired by the past but is always looking into the future. His collection is best described as a “bold humorous future”. Having studied at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design and the University of the Arts London, Ramil has his degree in Fashion and Fashion Print. The collection “Neon Space Fantasia, Graduate Collection” uses hour glass shapes, strong shoulders, bold, bright, contrasting, neon colours and textures to achieve a colour palette and certain shapes, which Ramil was seeking in the development of his inspiration. To Ramil, DfT presents itself as an opportunity to rise to another challenge and to experience a new path.

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Ramil Makinano



Sustainable, colorful, elegant. Those words describe the collection of Siddhartha Anselm Meyer, who sees DfT as a chance to present his pieces in a professional way. Siddhartha studied fashion design at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and aside from fashion his passions are sports, cooking, design, art and culture. With his fashion designs, Siddhartha wants to express his vision and sees style as quality. The most used items in his closet are jeans and sneakers and his favorite accessory is his bike, which takes him through the city.The “old couture” collection by Siddhartha unites classic and experimental elements to create a balanced picture. The colorful pieces for men are made of second-hand fabrics, wool and new wool fabrics.

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Strong. Sophisticated. Black. Camilla Saalgard Nielsen’s collection “The Black Spectacle” presents itself entirely in black. Black is the colour that enables her to most effectively express her emotions. She sets strong statements and underlines the feeling of being independent and determined with her designs. The 26-year old designer from Copenhagen tells a story with her collection. It is about growing up and entering a beautiful and feminine universe, by transforming something vulnerable into something powerful. It symbolizes a fusion between two opposite worlds as in the collection sharp and structured meet soft and graceful, which create a unique and dazzling expression. This fusion is also to be seen in the use of materials as a combination of heavy wool and soft silks are used.

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Camilla Salgaard Nielsen



Playful, Functional, Orange. Laura William’s collection shows an array of color and a playful mix of fabrics like Merino wools, digital printed jersey, waterproof fabrics and woven fabrics. The collection is really focused on the idea of exploring and travelling. It is heavily layered and accessorized with graphical print against realistic elements of knitwear and outerwear. For Laura Williams, fashion is a way of expression and she wants us to feel the energetic mood of her collection.
As a fashion design graduate of the University of Westminster, Laura wants to experiment with her designs. She draws vibrant pieces with strong and quirky functional details.

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Laura Williams