Markus Schmidbauer







My name is: Markus Schmidbauer.
I am: 25 years old.
I was born in: Puchheim/Munich.
My university: Academy of Fashion and Design (AMD), Munich; Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London
Three words to describe my idea of fashion: Individual, experimental, generous
My favorite designer: Karl Lagerfeld
My passion outside of fashion: Art

What I always have with me: Notebook, Carmex lip balm
The best way to deal with stress: Is overcoming it. I love stress.
While working I like to be surrounded by: music, a glass of milk and Oreo cookies, a large table.
I find inspiration in: Everything!!!
The place I associate with fashion: is London.
The city that inspires me: Even the smallest village can inspire me.
My best fashion investment: Are my giant fabric scissors.
My personal trend at the moment: Always wearing a scarf, no matter what the weather.


Designer's message

Mark Schmidbauer, a graduate of the Munich AMD demonstrates in his collection “The relief from industrialisation” the path from the constraints of industrialization to liberation. In the first part of his collection, Schmidbauer uses rigid materials that illustrate the idea of captivity. Slim cut leggings or overalls, which are composed only of a few rubber strips, appear as shackles around the body. In the next phase, the designer loosens up the style; the dark colors are pushed away by a shiny, metallic checkered print. Latex and leather are the dominant materials for these pieces. The next section of the collection lets go of the previous constraints. Blouses and dresses in transparent materials such as chiffon demonstrate ease and lightheartedness. Schmidbauer shows in this way the final stage of the liberation from industrialization. Through his radical and artistic manner, Schmidbauer manages to develop an unconventional, avant-garde collection made primarily out of evening dresses, jackets, and coats.