Marc Buscha







My name is: Marc Buscha.
I am: 23 years old.
I was born in: Dresden.
My university: Academy of Fashion and Design Berlin
Three words to describe my idea of fashion: Liberation – expression – proximity
My favorite designer is: Miucca Prada
My passion outside of fashion: My family and my friends.

What I always have with me: An umbrella: dry in rain, a shadow for extreme sun, and an effective weapon in case of danger.
The best way to deal with stress: Stress? I love stress. I work until I’ve reached my goal. I go beyond my own limits and I push myself with the progress in accomplishing the tasks ahead of me.
While working I like to be surrounded by: Music.
I find inspiration in: Education and in the writing down of my thoughts.
The place I associate with fashion: I can associate anywhere with fashion, every place has its own interesting style.
The city that inspires me: I’m not inspired by the city, but by the people living in it.
My best fashion investment: A scarf.
My personal trend at the moment: A striped shirt – it always works.


Designer's message

The collection entitled “Warriors” by Marc Buscha, graduate of AMD Berlin, displays experimental cuts and an unusual mix of materials consisting of loden, knitting, and linen. Through long silk blouses with exceptional patterns, skin-tight leggings and leather straps that are tied into a bow, all gender categorizations fade into the background. The collection focuses on the self-discovery of one’s own person and has a bleak and austere effect. Large metal buttons, eyelets, conspicuously emphasized shoulders and faded gray tones, with an intense red and a lot of black, intensify the look.