Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen







My name is: Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen.
I am: 24 years old.
I was born in: Manila in the Philippines, but I grew up in the Netherlands.
My university: Artez Fashion Masters in Arnhem.
Three words to describe my idea of fashion: Self-expression, individuality, skills.
My favorite designer is: Thom Browne, the way he breaks codes of gender and questions the way we think about menswear.
My passion outside of fashion: Drawing

What I always have with me: My laptop and my cell phone.
The best way to deal with stress: Smoking a lot and working a lot.
While working I like to be surrounded by: Inspiring music and images.
I find inspiration in: Everything around me and everything that’s going on in my life.
The place I associate with fashion: Savile row, where the masters of tailoring are.
The city that inspires me: Rotterdam, people from every culture expressing their individual styles.
My best fashion investment: My Givenchy slippers I bought last summer.
My personal trend at the moment: Long vests, draping, see through fabrics.


Designer's message

Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen interprets in his collection “Personatur” the phrase “to see someone in a different light” in a whole new way. Natural colors and androgynous masculine cuts produce a sense of purity and naturalness in Hofwegen’s collection, and also produce a break with distinguishing between sexes. Nor are the materials what they seem at first glance. Through a complicated process, the designer has managed to change the textiles under the influence of UV light. Insect prints appear only under certain lighting effects in new shades of color. This collection is characterized by the flexibility of the material and the elimination of the border between femininity and masculinity.