Behind the scenes: Ioana in London

Ioana Ciolacu Miron

Creativity is not only about having ideas and inspiration, but also about the competency to convert these into something real! As part of the sustainable, individual sponsorship program Ioana Ciolacu recently visited her former hometown – London! Of course, she met her old friends and teachers from the London College of Fashion, but moreover, this year’s DfT winner visited Stella McCartney’s studio to get an insight in a world-famous designers’ workflow. We met Ioana to talk about her experiences in London.

Ioana, how did it feel to be back in London?

Returning to London gave me this feeling of arriving to my second home, which is great! I mean I did not miss the cold rainy weather, but more importantly, I have some cool friends there and it’s a great place to get inspired by and to exchange ideas. My class mates and my teacher all waited for me and it felt like I have never left the place.

What did you learn while working with the team of Stella McCartney?

Monday was an amazing day for me! I met Stella’s team in the morning in her studio in West London. The moment I arrived one of the designers gave me a chore. At first I was not sure I could complete it. To tell you the truth: The place and the environment kind of intimidated me. I had to develop a concept pattern for a lace that they are going to use for their pre-fall collection. I somehow managed to develop two patterns that they might consider using. After that they called me in for a fitting and I got to see the way they are working on a model and the way they develop ideas directly on a human body. In the end I was handed this master book with Stella’s inspiration images and I had to put in order by category all the images she lately gathered – that was wonderful as I got a hint of the things she personally likes. All in all, it was an amazing day that I still digest and there was a bunch of stuff I learned: How a big company’s creative team works, who is doing what, what are the tasks each is entitled to work on and how different departments communicate between each other. And, above all, the head designer’s role during the whole process. So it was a good lesson regarding how a company works and how the creative team is developed.

What is your impression about working with a big team for a great brand such as Stella McCartney?

The feeling of working there for a day was amazing! I not only left with the impression that I took part in something majestic but also that the team is so energetic, open minded and hard working. But all this happens in a very relaxed environment and so I think that what we see on the catwalk portraits exactly the environment in the studios.

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