DfT family: Ioana’s new studio in Bucharest

Work in progress; and collection in progress. DfT winner Ioana C. Miron already started preparing for her first own fashion show in January – step by step. Getting introduced to the new fabric trends and searching for inspiration in Paris is only one part of the picture. The city of Bucharest is where it all comes together in a real collection. To be precise: in Ioana’s new studio, she recently moved into.

Gone are the times when Ioana had to transform her tiny living room into a temporary studio and gone are the times when she was able to work at the professionally equipped studio at London College of Fashion during her studies (a very useful but also extremely impersonal workspace). Ioana C. Miron is the “Designer for Tomorrow 2013″! And as part of the sustainable and individual sponsorship program she is supported with, she is now able to move into her very own studio. And she has chosen for it to be back home in Bucharest, Romania.

Two rooms in total form the studio which Ioana has chosen to work in. One of them, the bigger one with huge windows and a great amount of natural daylight, is used for the practical part – the cutting and draping and sewing – and the other one, a smaller one, is used for the more theoretical part of creating. Here, she may search for inspiration, draw sketches and her famous hand drawn prints or deal with the daily business of having an own fashion label. “The new place is great. I now have both, a studio room where all the sewing machines are, as well as my own office, where I can create”, Ioana explains. And a studio with a view it is: From her studio, Ioana directly looks onto a military building with great architectural details as well as a side wall covered with green plants. “I have already spent a lot of time in my office and the view from my window is just fantastic.”

In addition to being a studio, the rooms may serve as a personal and professional archive for the up-and-coming fashion designer from Romania. Her first collection has won her the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow” and her second collection, for which expectations are high, will be presented in Berlin in January. So there are still some things to organize for Ioana – arranging fabric samples, archiving patterns and prints as well as building her own color palettes.

At the moment Ioana is happy to be able to share her success and the experience of the past month with five assistants. “They are all very helpful, joyful and they are willing to learn”, Ioana explains. Another advantage of having the studio right where it is, is its location directly in the center of Bucharest, above the hottest club in town with inspiring people hanging around. Perfect to take a break from fashion and relax!

Designer for Tomorrow

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