DfT Family: Leandro Cano – The Vogue New Talent

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere – this may not only be true for New York City, but in terms of fashion also for the Italian Vogue. Leandro Cano, last year’s “DfT” winner, made it!

Leandro Cano

The Italian edition of the traditional fashion magazine Vogue is famous for its forward-thinking sense of style and also for the appreciation, presentation and support of up-and-coming designers from all over the world. For its print edition but especially for its online edition, the editors do not only cover the big fashion shows from New York to Paris but are also on a constant search for emerging fashion talents. With an eye on supporters, those being supported and competitions such as the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow” presented by Fashion ID, they visit small presentations and showrooms as well as graduate shows worldwide. As a result, the category “Vogue New Talents” on Vogue.it is constantly updated with fresh faces, who thereby get that extra bit of attention. This month, Leandro has made it on the website.

“I consider myself alive thanks to fashion, and I live for fashion. It’s my love”, the designer states. In a short but precise interview he reveals his passion for fashion, his definition of elegance and much more. About the question what the Spanish designer has been up to since his first solo fashion show in Berlin? Vogue Italia eventually got an answer. Leandro definitely has great plans: “Working for a big fashion house (…) and being successful with my own brand, Leandro Cano.” The “DfT” wishes all the best!

Designer for Tomorrow

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