DfT Family: Ioana’s DfT Diary, Week 5

I will leave London in a couple of days. I know I will miss my friends from here and some places of beautiful London, but I am really looking forward to move back home.
I received a goody bag from Berlin Fashion Week and I discover that happiness is hidden in small things. It is amazing how happy I feel receiving free stuff, but more important, the picture from the vegan BBQ with Stella is precious.

I arrive in Bucharest by night and the smell of the city is unique. Like every other city, it has a special vibe, but this one is mine. I am happy to be home. It gives me peace of mind and I think this is most important for somebody who is creating designs based on his feelings. My two cats and my dog, my friends, my family – everybody is happy to see me, and so am I.
I will leave for seaside tomorrow. I love the sea, the sand and the sunsets, like a romantic
person. I am not totally this way though, I planned to take my laptop and my tablet and I’ll start drawing heavily while the sun will be too strong during noon. But I will have time to recharge and prepare for the next period, too.

Designer for Tomorrow

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