DfT Family: Ioana’s DfT Diary, Week 2

I meet my teacher who is excited to see me. He is really proud of me and also happy that I represented the school the way I did. It’s his first year with LCF (London College of Fashion) so this kind of success is also helpful for his career.

I still cannot believe I won, it is so hard to realise it. So I focus on planning the future. I even already try to squeeze some new ideas for the next collection but it is way too soon. I start answering interviews, it’s like a full time job. But it is fun.

I look for hours at my collection catwalk pictures and I try to find the elements that makes it a good collection. I fail, it is so hard to self-analize my work. I think that the concept is strong and that has to do with the success.

Designer for Tomorrow

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