DfT Family: Ioana’s DfT Diary, Week 1

DfT winner 2013 Ioana C. Miron speaks of her feelings and experiences after her great success and keeps us up to date with a diary. Have fun!

I spend all the week trying to get my brain to process the fact that I have won. It all happened so fast. The day after the show I got to see some shows from Berlin Fashion Week and outside the entrance people started to recognize me from the night before and ask me questions or take photos of me. The transfer from backstage designer to winner is sudden and I enjoy every minute of it. I still need to work on my ‘photo face’.

I travel back to London and I am told to just relax. I do anything except that. I start taking calls from all over the world, people ask me for interviews, everybody wants to see me. Before the show I have promised my University friends to take them to Korean BBQ if I win, but if I knew before I would win, I would have never promised that, it was quite expensive. But seeing them again, all happy for me, was a big thing, they are good friends.

Designer for Tomorrow

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