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Ioana Ciolacu Miron

Opposites. Contraries. Paradox. That is what Ioana Ciolacu Miron‘s collection is about. To be exact: the opposite from what she sees in herself every day. For the collection she is going to present during the award show on 3rd July, she started looking for an inspiration within herself, her personality and her characteristics. “I always start working on my collections by analyzing myself”, she explains. Therewith, important factors are the feelings she has, the surrounding she lives in and certain influences. This time, the up-and-coming designer found out that she is oppositional in different ways at the same time: Feminine but a tomboy as well. She is shy but sometimes refuses to show that, so that she seems to be extroverted. She started out studying architecture and then switched to study fashion a few years ago – to Ioana, who came to study fashion in London because of its unique architecture, its unique rules and its second language, fashion, an opposite as well. After the deep analysis, she took the elements she found out about and formed the word “Paradox” as a guideline to her collection and in the end also as its name.

If you take a closer look at the creations, the opposites do determine Ioana Ciolacu Miron’s collection, not in an offensive way but more in a very subtle one. There is this mix of soft and structured, feminine but also masculine and strong. And there is the contrast of different materials that Ioana played with. The most exaggerating one she worked with was definitely foam. A material she first came in contact with while studying architecture, as foam is usually used for noise insulation in buildings. She transformed it to create clothes out of it. It is not that she wants to cause a sensation by using foam in her collection, she clarifies, she just wants to generate new fabrics to work with in fashion and to make them appear normal. “Without any rules”, because that is what (the city of) London has taught her. The extraordinary material is added by wool and especially wool threads she integrated in the looks as well as transparent plastic. When it comes to the different materials, Ioana has an insider tip to buy fabrics: In Romania – her home country – one can buy designer fabrics from old collections that have been overproduced. This way, the materials do not need to be destroyed or wasted. “The exciting thing about it is that you never know which kind of fabrics you are going to get”, Ioana says.

Her final collection is completely kept in simple colors: white, black, grey and nude. But until the award show in July, Ioana has to add more outfits to it and thereby wants to add a splash of color: light blue. What she should keep and is going to do so is the print. The abstract print, for example, that decorates her key look really means something to her as she has hand drawn it herself to then reproduced and print it digitally to the fabric. Her unique personality is reflected in her collection.

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