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Hannah Kuklinski

Hannah Kuklinski teaches the DfT a lesson in biology! To be exact: microcosm and bacteria. A rather unusual topic for an up-and-coming fashion designer, you may think? Well, it came very natural to Hannah Kuklinski from Hanover, Germany. Instead of searching for an artificially constructed topic to get inspiration for her graduate collection, she noticed that she has always been attracted by nature. Paired with her interest in science and the will to create her own little world, the idea for the collection was born. The world: a microcosm. The heroes: bacteria. In this world, Hannah Kuklinski invented her very own rules to design something positive.

Every human carries millions and billions of bacteria on his body without even thinking about it. Hannah symbolized those bacteria. In its realization, the collection follows a clear structure: Therefore, Hannah imagined the bacteria as extremely small creatures and from that developed the “bacteria print” – a signature of her collection. The next step was to define the body parts where one can find the most bacteria and after that to place the print at those parts. As a result, we can find pants with the print placed on the knees or pullovers with the print placed mostly in the area of the stomach or the armpit. At the same time, the abstract silhouettes were derived from the same method. Where do we find the most bacteria on the human body? Exactly those parts are highlighted through exaggerated silhouettes and forms out of place. A new design has been developed from that natural idea of microcosm.

Hannah Kuklinski also keeps it natural with the fabrics she uses and how she works with them. “I simply do not want to give anything bad back to the world with my fashion”, she explains. The designer has been working like this for three years now. For the show collection she predominantly used pure new wool and silk, added by a very special fabric one would have not associated with fashion or clothes ever before: cork. How did this idea come about? Hannah refuses to use leather in her collections – she does not eat meat either – and has been searching for an alternative. Her solution: cork. The cork tree is in a way extremely sustainable as its bark renews itself constantly. A very expressive material and a statement for the collection. By touching it, it might positively be compared to real leather with a far more interesting optic – typically cork! But who thinks of boring, ecological clothes is totally wrong when it comes to Hannah Kuklinski’s collection. What always comes first for her is fun: As much as she enjoys producing the collection, as much she wants the wearer to have fun with the pieces.

In July, she will add two more outfits to her collection. The patron Stella McCartney gave her the following advice: “Stay with the knitwear.” We are curious.

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