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Katy Clark

Katy Clark found inspiration step by step so that the idea behind her collection evolved naturally. Everything started out with a song of the US-American singer and songwriter Tom Waits. The up-and-coming designer immediately knew that this would be the song of her collection. There was no vision about the clothes, but about the look and feel of the collection as a whole – drapery, oversized forms, relaxed looks; vagabonds and hobo chic as well as inspiration from menswear clothes.

Something the androgynous-attracted Katy Clark has always been inspired by. And she has always been a fan of the typically, men-inspired power dressing of the 80s, which came in extremely oversized forms with an elegant twist. Just as Katy’s creations should be. After being inspired by the song, she also came across a poem by Tom Waits. It was about vagabonds and ramblers, fitting so perfectly to what she has been imagining! Finally, inspiration number three: a quote by the philosopher and sociologist Jean Baudrillard: “Every possible art form has already been explored and all that’s left is to deconstruct and play with the pieces.” She heard about the quote in the TV series “Six feet under”. And it left a mark on her: It was the beginning, the start of her concept.

The young designer made her way to the charity shop, where she bought overcoats and jackets. And although she had no experience in drapery before, she started experimenting with it: Wrapping the secondhand clothes around the body, cutting into them and turning them upside down and inside out. As a result, there are wide leg pants with pocket and collar details at the waist and oversized shapes. For the next step, she took pictures of the draped looks and reproduced them in different materials that “simply draped nicely”, as she says. At first, it was about experimenting and always trying something new. Now, the designer has found her passion – deconstruction and drapery is the starting point for everything she works on. “I just like that, to take a jacket and cut into it, drape it or add some fabric to it. I enjoy this process.”

Katy still has to add three more items to her collection until the award show. In May, she was able to ask the patron on that topic, meeting her during the collection viewing in Berlin. And she already gave us an insight on what she is going to add: colour and knit. So far, Katy Clark’s collection is dark all over with most of the pieces being completely black. In July, there will be a flash of colour such as a light turquoise or cream white. Additionally, she will play with knitwear, based on a knitted dress that is already part of her collection. Still, it will keep its conceptuality without being trend-driven. To her, the creations are something completely original. Jean Baudrillard would have said: Those oversized shapes and drapery have already been explored in fashion, but Katy Clark did exactly what has been left in deconstructing it and playing with the pieces. Very successful!

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