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V | Visible platform for creativity
With the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow”, P&C gives up-and-coming designers a chance to show their talent to a wide audience and to present themselves as designers for tomorrow. Every year, five emerging designers get the chance to present their collections during the award show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, which is a great first opportunity to catch the attention of the fashion industry – press, buyers or even future clients.

W | Winner Item
As part of the sustainable, individual sponsorship program, the “Designer for Tomorrow” will make a first step into the commercial side of the fashion industry by actually selling a part of the collection like a dress or an accessory. Former winners of the DfT have already created and sold great items. With the FASHIONATION department at the P&C metropolitan stores in Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna, the items are represented in a retail space that fits the exclusivity of their special designs.

X | Xtra support
Every “Designer for Tomorrow” is supported with a sustainable and individual sponsorship program for one year. To provide every winner with even more support, the Advisory Board has been created in 2012. Experts from various fields provide the emerging talents with knowledge and extra training. Every winner may take advice from the fields: art & design, brandbuilding & networking public relations, production as well as sales.

Y | Year 5
In 2013, the DfT celebrates a jubilee: Five years of supporting up-and-coming designers successfully! The idea of “Designer for Tomorrow” started out as a small award but over the years, P&C was able to establish the award, to optimize the program and to adapt to the special and different needs of emerging fashion talents. Already today, the fashion talent award looks back on a great development and on great success of both, the award and former DfT winners. Now, the DfT is looking forward to the next years to come.

Z | Zeitgeist
The Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Duesseldorf, has seen the signs of the times and with the DfT award, closed a gap in the fashion business by giving up-and-coming fashion designers a visible platform for creativity. The DfT provides them exactly with what emerging designers, wanting to break through the fashion industry, need today: Sustainable support and individual sponsorship.

Designer for Tomorrow

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