Fashion World @ DfT: DfT M-P

Today we continue our DfT A-Z. Read what stands behind the letters M, N, O and P.

M | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin
Twice a year, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is the stage for the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow by Peek & Cloppenburg Duesseldorf”. Since its start in 2009, the award show is taking place in the tent of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin every July. The following January, the DfT winner will show his new collection in a first solo fashion show presented by Peek & Cloppenburg KG Duesseldorf.

N | Number One – and the winner is. . .
Each July, the DfT award show is taking place during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. You are able to watch the presentation of the five finalists’ collections as well as the announcement of the DfT winner on our YouTube channel called: Designer for Tomorrow.

O | On to the next show
Immediately after the award show the “Designer for Tomorrow” will be confronted with one question: What is going to be next? The answer: Preparations for the DfT winner’s first solo fashion show will start almost immediately. And there is a lot to do and to organize: finding an own atelier to work in, searching for inspiration as well as acquiring textile and material sponsors. Moreover, the show production has to start: searching for the right models, the right music, the right light and sending out invitations. And in the end, the spotlight will be on the “Designer for Tomorrow” and his new collection.

P | Patron
Since 2011 the expertise of internationally recognized designers adds an important dimension to the DfT project. For the past two years, Marc Jacobs accompanied the DfT award; in 2013 Stella McCartney will supervise the up-and-coming fashion talents as Patron of the DfT award.

Designer for Tomorrow

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