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The DfT A-Z series continues today: What could the letter “J” mean?

I | Individual, sustainable sponsorship program
Winning the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow by Peek & Cloppenburg Duesseldorf” does not only mean winning a title but also gaining support for the future career as a fashion designer. For one year, the “Designer for Tomorrow” will be provided with an individual and sustainable sponsorship program. The different components of the support will be discussed soon after the award show where the winner has been announced. Possible components of the support are an own atelier, financing for the new collection, acquisition of sponsors and an inspirational trip. As a highlight of the support, P&C will present the winner’s new collection within a first solo fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January.

J | Jury Board
The Jury Board consists of experts from the different fields of the fashion business which can be found online on our official DfT-website. Besides the patron, the Jury Board will choose the Top 5 and the winner of the “Designer for Tomorrow” award, who will be selected during the award show.

K | Key to success
The fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow by Peek & Cloppenburg Duesseldorf” offers up-and-coming designers the possibility to concentrate on the creative process and maybe even to develop an own signature style. During the year of support, the up-and-coming designer do not need to worry about financing the next collection or acquiring sponsors – they may focus on finding inspiration, following ideas and instincts. Furthermore, the “Designer for Tomorrow” is able to show the first professional collection to a wide audience consisting of fashion press, buyers and other key players. Meaning: They already gain a lot of attention at the beginning of their career and have the possibility to build up a great network – an opportunity, other designers often have to work on for years.

L | Lookbook
Picturing a whole collection, the lookbook is an essential way to present the designer’s creations to a broad fashion audience, may it be buyers or fashion journalists and stylists. Regarding the “Designer for Tomorrow” award, the lookbook is an up-and-coming designer’s first way to get to participating in the fashion talent award by sending it in for application. Moreover, the lookbook may be part of the sustainable, individual sponsorship program.

Designer for Tomorrow

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