Fashion World @ DfT: DfT E-H

Our DfT A-Z continues today. We introduce you the letters E-H.

E | Education
All up-and-coming talents who have been educated and completed their studies, have already registered for their final examination or can provide evidence of training in the field of fashion design – e.g. fashion seamstress or dressmaking – within the last two years, are eligible to apply for the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow by Peek & Cloppenburg Duesseldorf“. Furthermore, in 2012, the DfT award has opened up for applications from all over Europe and/or countries in which P&C operates retail stores. And if you think about studying fashion design yourself: In the next few weeks, we will keep you updated on different universities and fashion schools in Europe.

F | Finalists
Only five of more than 340 fashion talents will get the chance to present their collection to the Jury Board around the patron and to a wide audience at the award show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in July. From all the applications the patron and the jury board will choose the top 5. Being a finalist of the DfT award already brings along a lot of international attention for the designers.

G | Guideline
Sustainability and Individualism are the key words of the support that the DfT provides. For that reason, the DfT winner can take advantage of a sustainable and individual sponsorship program, consisting of different components, that will be discussed together with the winner soon after the award show. A guideline will be set up to support the winner as much as possible. From then on, the “Designer for Tomorrow” will be accompanied with active support and guidance through experts of different fields such as public relations, art & design, sales and many more.

H | Hall of Fame
DfT is a great first step into the fashion industry! Participating in the fashion talent award brings along a lot of attention for the up-and-coming designers. Many former finalists are by now established designers showing their collections every season at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and have made their way as successful international designers. The Hall of Fame, which can be found on our DfT- website informs you about new steps of our former and upcoming finalists!

Designer for Tomorrow

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