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Since 2009, the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow by Peek & Cloppenburg Duesseldorf” supports up-and-coming talents on their first steps in the fashion industry. Sustainability, individualism and creativity are only a few of the key words that make the DfT a very special award. Due to the 5 years jubilee of the award we present you the DfT from A to Z. Follow it over the next weeks to learn everything about the DfT.

A | Application
Every year, the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow by Peek & Cloppenburg Duesseldorf” is reaching out to support up-and-coming designers. In 2012, for example, we have received an incredible amount of more than 340 applications from all over Europe and from other countries where P&C operates retail stores in. Of course, we have been looking forward to 2013. And finally, the call for applications is over since February 28 and we are again overwhelmed by the results. As requested, the emerging talents have sent in great applications. Out of all those applications, in the end, the Top 5 will be chosen by the jury board & the patron to present their collections at the award show in July. Good luck to all of you!

B | Backstage impression
What is going on before a fashion show? How do the designers feel? Are all the models in time? There is so much that could go wrong at a fashion show. Especially the preparations do often mean a lot of obstacles to overcome. In the end, all the models are perfectly dressed on the runway, the designers are relieved and everything that went wrong beforehand does not matter anymore. At the “Designer for Tomorrow” award we want to share with you not only the fashion show, the result, but also the preparations to let the award show be an experience for everybody. For that purpose, we regularly feed you with pictures, videos, moods and exclusive background information.

C | Collection viewing
In May, the five finalists will be in Berlin for the first time to meet the patron, who will have a look at their collections and provide them with useful hints and professional advices. Afterwards, the up-and-coming designers have the chance to work on the creations to be prepared for the award show in July, when the “Designer for Tomorrow 2013″ will be chosen.

D | Diversity
The DfT award provides a visible platform for creativity. The different ideas and approaches to fashion from the up-and-coming designers are what makes the “Designer for Tomorrow” award and therewith the award show as well as the annual winner show so special. We are proud of the diversity of fashion talents we have been able to represent during the last five years. Just take a look at our incredible Hall of Fame, covering all the DfT winners and finalists.

Designer for Tomorrow

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