Fashion World @ DfT: Trend Report 2013

Berlin has already shown its fashion potential to a wide, international audience in January. At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, the “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012,  Leandro Cano, has impressed the fashion crowd and proved not only his unique design talent but also his visionary ideas. In the past few weeks, everybody turned their fashion heads to New York, London and Milan. That’s where the big shows are. With Paris at the forefront, in those four cities the trends of the seasons are carved in stone. And so far, Leandro demonstrated his eye for modern zeitgeist. Enjoy the DfT’s predictions on next seasons must-haves and trends!

The Lady
After seasons of dressing down, grunge looks and boyfriend styles, it’s time for the ladies to show their feminine side. Really grown-up. Elegant. Timeless. Suiting is the term to mention here. An element, Leandro used in his collection quite well: The combination of a white pencil skirt and blazer – both made of wool – were embellished with ceramic appliqués. In Milan and New York, designers such as Marc Jacobs dressed their models in coats and skirts as well. And as Leandro did, also all designers accentuated the waist with a strong x-shape, while many British designers dropped the waist to the hips.

They offer that Little Red Riding Hood-feeling we once in a while long for: Capes will be one of the key pieces to survive next winter – with regard to the weather and also to style. Leandro Cano integrated a bordeaux leather cape in a tight dress of the same color and material. In another outfit the up-and-coming designer combined a white cape to pants with ceramic appliqués. Tone-in-tone is the keyword here! Leather capes were also spotted on the catwalks in Milan and New York. In London, the designers created more romantic or sporty versions.

Rich embellishment
This trend is mostly for the evening. For the glamour. For the luxury. Feathers, sequins, crystals and as in Leandro’s collection: handmade ceramics. The DfT winner applied them on dresses, jacket, pants, coats and more. A very unique detail of the designer’s creations! Whereas top designers in London and New York experimented with sequins and fringes to create colorful and rich patterns. In Milan, the traditional labels took it even one step further: Sheer fabrics were embellished opulently with a great mix of feathers, sequins and metallics. Here, the appliqués took the part of enrobing the body.

Sub-zero temperatures are nothing to be afraid of next winter. According to the fashion designers, we will be wrapped in really warm clothes. Protected and snugged. Hidden from everyday life. Therefore, Leandro created a white fake-fur cocoon complemented with slit see-through plastic. And cocooning at its best was the opulent, bordeaux knit dress covering the body up to the head. In London, New York and Milan, the top designers had equal ideas: Packing the body – literally from head to toe – in a cozy black dresses; or creating fury patchwork coats as seen on the catwalk at Fendi.

We are already set for next winter!

Designer for Tomorrow

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