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Markus Schmidbauer was one of the five finalists of the DfT award in 2011. Markus’ award collection “The relief from industrialization” was characterized by latex, leather and transparent fabrics. After all, how has Markus’ life been after the final of the DfT award – which way has he gone as a designer since July 2011? We met him for an interview to show you some personal insights.

Markus, we are pleased to hear from you! You have founded your own label. Congratulations! Why do you call it “raspberry cheesecake”?
The label or the name actually exists since 2008 and has been developed during my time at university. The initial condition was the task to create a skirt collection with a corresponding CI. To me, it was important to use very feminine colors like red, pink and simply “raspberry”. A suitable name for the collection was necessary that reflects the colors and the feminine and cheerful part of the collection. Ultimately, I liked the name so much that I have now decided to run my own women’s label with that name.

Well, it’s been almost 2 years ago since you were a finalist at our “Designer for Tomorrow award”. How would you describe your development as a designer?
I developed with my own label, that means also to mature the whole concept for which my label and my next collection are standing for. It will become increasingly more wearable, however, the show pieces will always play a role in each collection and will function as a guideline. Moreover, I’m working as a freelance designer for several commercial fashion companies. This is useful for additional industry experience.

Further on, we would like to know what inspired you to create your new Spring/Summer 2013 collection?
I was inspired optical illusions as a part of arts, as well as geometric forms and patterns as seen in the DfT collection 2011. The collection is entitled “metal illusion” and is composed by the topics mental illness and mental illusion. The idea behind: A human being experiences, the optical illusion and by this becomes mentally affected in a positive way.

Compared to your collection from the DfT final 2011 the outfits seem to be more simple and wearable now (Except for the red and the striped white outfit). How did this change come about?
Of course, I want to maintain my style, but at the same time I want to become commercial for the fashion market. Important to me is not to lose my distinctive mark: outrageous and elaborate show pieces. However, I would like to create commercial pieces that include outrageous details, such as an unusual mix of materials or unusual appliqués. These should reflect in detail the showpieces they are coming from.

How can fashion victims get the chance to buy the outfits of your collections? Are there any online shops or stores that sell your designs?
So far, unfortunately, there are neither online shops nor stores. I am working on this to find a good distributing agency which in turn merchandise them to good sales platforms whether boutique, retailer or online store. If someone is interested in my collection items – for personal use or for shootings – they can contact me via e-mail: markus@raspberry-cheesecake.com

Your greatest desire was to showcase your collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. You already realized this with the DfT award show. Do you have a new desire to which you aspire in the future?
My greatest wish for the future is that my collections will find a sales market as well as finding adequate retailers and online stores that appreciate my designs and like to sell them.

Thank you for the interview, Markus! We are looking forward to more updates from you and wish you continued success with your label “raspberry cheesecake”.

For more information about Markus please visit his profile at our DfT Hall of Fame: https://www.designer-for-tomorrow.com/designers/designers-2011/markus-schmidbauer/

Homepage of “raspberry cheesecake”: http://www.raspberry-cheesecake.com/

Facebook fan page of “raspberry cheesecake”: https://www.facebook.com/raspberry.cheesecake.label

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