DfT Family: Lena Hasibether talks about her “Crystal Summer” collection 2013

Lena is one of the five finalists of the DfT award 2011. Back then, Alexandra Kiesel was named the winner. Lena has not turned her back to the fashion world, but let her own collection talk about. Today, we want to present her current spring/summer collection 2013. Therefore, we asked some questions to Lena.

Your DfT show took part 1,5 years ago. What has changed for you since then?
Since having been part of the award, I was  increasingly observed in the fashion world and was able to make some useful contacts. I developed the following  autumn/winter 12/13 collection “fourteen days to…”.
The collection was inspired by the art of Ruby Skystiler and the Op art. The digital print is inspired by their artworks and takes up one more time  the traditional collage technique. Clear silhouettes are combined with natural colors and soft shapes.

These are great news! Your new collection “Crystal Summer SS 13” is now available on the market, and we are curious about how the result looks like. What was your inspiration?
The latest summer collection is inspired by the crystal and its fresh color intensity in sunlight. An exciting new material has also contributed significantly to the topic selection. Natural linen is printed over the entire surface with paint and thus has a gently shimmering surface; the classical cooling property of  linen is not lost. Another stylistic element is the craft technique Smoken.

Which outfit is your favorite outfit from your current collection? Is there one?
There are two favorite pieces. The overall “aventurin” with the “crystal” allover print and the sporty blouson “lazulit” in fresh mint and white.

Where and when can we watch, try and buy your outfits and accessories?
The clothes and cork accessories are available since March at:
Sight / Vienna, Austria
Residence / Albi, France
The Puppets / Berlin, Germany
BAERCK Store / Berlin, Germany
Moreover, you can order the accessories directly from Lena’s studio via email: sales@lenahasibether.de

And which plans do you have for your business career? What will be your next steps?
We will see…

Thank you, Lena, for the interview! We wish you continued success and pleased to get more news from you!

Have we piqued your interest in Lena’s “Crystal Summer” collection? Then take a look at the campaign clip and be inspired for the coming summer: http://vimeo.com/52062433

The complete outfits of the “Crystal Summer“ collection can be found on Lena’s website:

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