ÁNIMA by Leandro Cano

Already one month has passed since Leandro’s debut show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Time to take a look back and remember!


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The idea
Azaril, the Angel of Death. Spain, Leandro Cano’s home country. Baroque, the decade of opulence – Leandro’s collection is a clash of different influences. In his universe of creation old myths, traditional values and ancient times add up to something new and modern.

The looks
Every look tells a certain story. Every look completes the whole story: As special as every look is in its details, together they follow a collective inspiration and  form an harmonic overall picture. But additionally, every look has an appropriate name relating to the special little story.

The silhouettes
Leandro Cano is famous for his strong silhouettes by now. And ÁNIMA took it to the next level! Unforgettable, of course, the baroque dress with the crinoline-like skirt. Hips, head calves – the up-and-coming designer also concentrated on unconventional parts of the body to enlarge. Therefore, he was supported by YKK’s special fastening-techniques.

The print
It all started with an idea to go baroque. Then the flower print developed. And took over the collection. Applied on fur. Applied on plastic. Applied on tulle. Printed on white cotton. Printed on white leather. Poured in ceramics. Predominant in the whole collection. But at the same time reserved.

The ceramics
They jingled with every step. High quality ceramics. Flowers. Handmade in Leandro Cano’s hometown in Spain. They come in a pure white or painted (by hand as well) in a forest green or natural red, decorating hips and legs and shoulders and arms on jackets and skirts and pants and dresses.

The leather
Thanks to his avant-garde leather creations, Leandro Cano became the “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012. And for Leandro it does not seem to be too early to pay homage to this success: With sponsoring by Deepmello, he sent extra-tight leather creations in a dark burgundy down the runway. Also, he was taking his signature material one step further in printing a flowery on it – a very strong detail of the collection!

The wool
Leandro’s collection is a great mix of fabrics, in which the wool plays an important part as it comes in different variations. The up-and-coming designer not only used the material, which was sponsored by Schoeller Süssen GmbH, for jackets, skirts and dresses, he also created a unique head-piece as well as knitted-flower-appliques out of it.

The fur
Fake fur to be precise. Sponsored by fabfab it came in various variations – short hair and long hair, shiny and matt – and in one color: white. But there were no usual fur coats to be expected from this designer. Instead he experimented with fury parts on dresses and pants, which resulted in interesting shapes, or covered the luxurious material with tacky plastic. Sustainable and chic!

The plastic
This material was the most unexpected component in Leandro Cano’s new collection. And a great contrast. And a special highlight. Combining this material, sponsored by Modulor, to fur, ceramics and cotton – all in an innocent white – added that extra bit of zeitgeist and forward-thinking to the collection.

The styling
ÁNIMA came with opulence and a strong focus on details. The latter was adapted for the styling: Niki Pauls and her team created a modern sleek look with refined details for the hair as well as make-up that was completing the melancholic and dramatic feel of the collection.

Designer for Tomorrow

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