DfT Family: Camilla Salgaard @ Modefabriek Amsterdam

“Designer for Tomorrow” at fashion trade show: Part II – last year’s DfT finalist Camilla Salgaard showed her collection at Modefabriek in Amsterdam! After the award show in July, Camilla has been really busy. Starting her master studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark. Adding some looks to her famous all-black-collection. And preparing for her first fashion trade show. Modefabriek Amsterdam. On January 20 and 21, the trade show attracted more than 19,000 national and international visitors to come to the RAI, the largest conference venue in the Netherlands. A great platform for Camilla to showcase her collection. After Modefabriek, there is definitely more to come. Camilla is prepared. She invested a lot of time in building up her brand; shooting a look book for the collection and developing labels.

Have you been prepared for starting your own fashion business after graduation?
I have been working in the fashion industry for two years after graduating in 2010 – that taught me extremely important skills in running a fashion business. But then I had to just jump into it and try it on my own to find out if this works well for me. And it did! I love having the responsibility for my own business. Especially after Modefabriek, I cannot wait to see what the future will bring.

Future is bright for Camilla! Visiting her at Modefabriek, we saw all the visitors coming to see her stand. Taking pictures. Asking questions. Camilla has been located at NEXT – the platform for upcoming international talents and young designers. Integrated in the Refined+ segment right at the entrance; a separated, beautiful space of creative and fresh ideas. Camilla has been one of eight labels that has been chosen and invited by NEXT to show her collection for autumn/winter 2013/2014 at the fashion trade show. Here, buyers are looking for exclusivity or something eye-catching and this platform is a real press-magnet. Here, Camilla is in the right place.

How was your first fashion trade show-experience?
The trade show was an overwhelming experience! I had such a good response and got a lot of compliments for my collection. Especially, when visitors returned to my stand to see the collection for a second or even a third time, I knew they liked what they saw. MUUSE  for example, an online store, already ordered the collection to go on sale in a couple of month. But not only buyers, also stylists and journalists were interested in the collection. So far, I have requests from magazines like Elle, Vogue and Grazia to borrow some looks for a fashion shoot as well as celebrity stylists. It is always fun to see them combining my creations in a totally different way!

What is the difference between presenting your collection at a fashion show and at a trade show like Modefabriek?
At Modefabriek, people had the possibility to have a closer look at the collection. Touch it. Feel it. And see all the details. And there are many small details in my collection, such as delicate cutting lines. One may not be able to see them clearly on a model walking down the catwalk. So this was a great platform to show my collection again.

Let’s talk about competitors: was there anything else you liked at Modefabriek?
It is always inspiring to walk around a fashion trade show seeing so many creative people in one place. Whereas the most inspiring section was NEXT with seven other labels exhibiting there with me. The new and up-and-coming ones are always more daring and creative.

Eleven looks in total, Camilla presented at Modefabriek in Amsterdam, with retail prices starting from 340 € for a pair of pants with refined details to 4,360 € for a couture-like dress. Now, the Danish designer is looking forward to returning to Copenhagen and getting the collection produced.

We will definitely keep you updated on all the stockists, so you do not miss your ultimate chance to get your hands on one of the pieces!

Designer for Tomorrow

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