DfT Family: Leandro Cano | Some inspiration

 “An army of white souls is riding all over my thoughts, driving me crazy and fighting to escape.”

The show starts. A slow, mysterious voice speaking to the audience. A first introduction to Leandro Cano’s inspiration for his first own fashion show on Tuesday evening. A moment of silence to follow. Fog. The show starts.

“I, Azrael, in the brink of madness, try to calm the souls down, to organize them and offer my hand to help them cross the White Gate to the brightest, heavenly Kingdom of Peace and Melancholy.”

Thinking, dreaming, imagining – Azrael came to Leandro as an inspiration quite naturally. Designing a new collection, thousands of ideas come into his mind, building a mass of confused, white souls; waiting for guidance. This was when the Spanish up-and-coming designer remembered Azrael. The white angel who will help all the souls cross the line of light. After them dying a bittersweet death. Awaiting a new bright life. Looking down to the long ascent of glory, he offers the sublime peace. The Angel of Melancholy and Love. Known as the Angel of Death. Azrael. He is the darkest and at the same time the whitest. He will be the last to die.

“I, Azrael, the last radiant angel, brilliant white, am almost exhausted, with the never ending task to support all the souls in the moment of the last transit.”

Azrael is not alone on Leandro’s mood board.
Opulent sculptures and baroque architecture took some space as well. Ahead of it being the Spanish brickwork. So present everywhere in Seville.
The “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012 has a strong conceptional approach to fashion and design.
Fashion as art. Art to wear. Just like the ones he has so much in common with.
Late Alexander McQueen. Viktor & Rolf. Iris van Herpen.
Beauty lies in everything. Can be found everywhere. In the obscurity as well as in the prettiness.
Azrael is darkest and the whitest.
Women are an important source of inspiration. The ones from his family. Every age. Grandmother. Mother. Sister.
Those from classical paintings. And those from futuristic photography.

Being the DfT, winner Leandro had the chance to completely focus on the creative process.
Cutting. Draping. Sewing.
Experimenting with fabrics.
Embroidering the pictures on the mood boards:
White pieces of fake fur. Leather, specially treated. Ceramic. Knotted strings of leather melting into an interesting fabric. Knitted flowers.

“Leaned over the curb of this well, I cross my arms and stare into the infinite, from where all these confused and trembling souls are trying to scale and I offer them my white and soft hand – the one that will take them to the Eternity.”

Leandro Cano has put all the impressions and inspirations together. To become a unity. Different looks; every of them being like an Ánima – a soul. Forming one collection. An army.

Leandro Cano has proved his outstanding talent once more. Seeking for abstract inspiration. Being different from the rest. Capturing the zeitgeist but creating fashion without limitation.

Designer for Tomorrow

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