Just in time for his first solo fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, Leandro Cano started taking over the FASHIONATION department at the P&C metropolitan stores in Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna. Available since January 11, the bag is a rare special, created for every occasion, created for every gender.

A few month have passed by now since Leandro Cano convinced the Jury Board around patron Marc Jacobs and became the “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012. Hard to forget are his extravagant, surreal creations that made the german fashion landscape being flabbergasted and delighted. Gaga-esque leather creations, unconventional proportions, and artsy prints are the attributes that stick to everyones mind when it comes to the outstanding up-and-coming fashion designer. Since winning the fashion talent award and thereby being the first international “Designer for Tomorrow”, Peek & Cloppenburg KG Duesseldorf is supporting Leandro with a sustainable, individual sponsorship program: Alongside an inspirational journey to Marc Jacobs‘ ateliers in Paris and New York as well as the production of the fashion show he presented Tuesday evening in Berlin, P&C is also supporting the emerging talent in taking his first steps into retail. The result: a leather bag á la Leandro with strong attention to detail.

The bag is not anything you would have expected from a designer, who creates magical dresses that make women dream of fairytales! “The bag is designed to fit every outfit on every occasion. So, to me – besides the aesthetic – it was also always important to keep an eye on the functional aspect”, Leandro explains. As a consequence the shopper comes with somewhat quieter tones than his winner collection: linear shapes, a slightly oversized form and geometrical proportions. Simple and elegant! But Leandro would not be the constructive designer he is, if he would be satisfied with being just simple. Creating the bag, he decided to focus on the details. Strong and distinct! The selvages are subtly ragged like a paper shopping bag from the supermarket around the corner; between the straps is a stitched appliqué with Leandro’s logo. Minimalist and sophisticated! And what is the inspiration of the bag? “As in my collections, I was hugely inspired by the people around me – especially the women in my family are an important reference point to me,” the designer states. But though his family is a great source of inspiration for Leandro, the bag is not designed for a certain kind of person. In contrast to his runway collections its timeless design is thought to be adapted by a wider audience. By you as well as by us!

So, over again and really quick: Everything you absolutely need to keep in mind!

Who?  up-and-coming designer Leandro Cano I DfT winner 2012                            

What?  minimalist and elegant limited edition bag                                                   

Where?  FASHIONATION department at the P&C metropolitan stores Berlin, Stuttgart, and Vienna                                                                                                                

When?  from January 11, 2013

Color?  majestic bordeaux and pure beige                                                             

Material?  calf leather                                                                                               

Price?  99,95 Euro

As demand will be high, and the bags come in a limited number, we recommend a trip to Berlin, Stuttgart, or Vienna asap to buy you a piece of Leandro Cano – the “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012!

Designer for Tomorrow

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