Leandro’s first solo fashion show – ÁNIMA

MELANCHOLÍA. PUREZA. PLASTICIDAD – today, Leandro Cano presented his first solo fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin! His collection – ÁNIMA – is a symbol of opulence, melancholy and romanticism.

“White souls are riding all over my thoughts. I, Azrael, the last radiant angel, brilliant white, offer them my hand to help them cross the White Gate to the brightest, heavenly kingdom of peace and melancholy; I offer them my white and soft hand – the one that will take them to Eternity.” (Leandro Cano)

He was Leandro’s main inspiration for the new collection: Azrael, the Angel of Death. The one who guides the deceased to heaven This myth. the “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012 adapted to his new designs. “That is the way I see every of my creations. As white souls, fighting to be the first one; fighting to shine the best.”

As in July, Leandro continues to put a spell on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin with his opulent and unique style. ÁNIMA – the soul – is a dramatic collection in which modern zeitgeist meets baroque nostalgia. Especially the lush silhouettes stood out with their extravagant forms. Something special in Leandro’s universe of creating! This season, playing with proportions was again an important theme for the up-and-coming designer. Big skirts that reminded us of crinolines as well as extra-accentuated shoulders and hips defined the overall look. While the colors were more calmed down – every outfit came either in a dark, majestic red or in a pure white – Leandro played with special fabrics: snow-white fake fur, voluminous wool and delicate sheer fabric all came together. Furthermore, there was last season’s high-quality leather taken one step further this time with a floral print. The baroque floral print was an essential part of the collection. Printed on leather and cotton. Stitched on fake fur and sheer fabric. And most of all: applied as three-dimensional flowers made of ceramic. Leandro proved his high attention to detail once more!

All coming together in one collection, Leandro Cano presented 36 looks with everyone of them being absolutely unique. A particular highlight was the majestic dress made of plastic and decorated with ceramic flowers. Also exceptionally in its design: the tulle body with flower application and fake fur sleeves as well as a blood red, sculptural leather dress looking like an homage to last season. “I associate creating the concept of the collection with pleasant moments: choosing fabrics and developing various experimental cutting and finishing techniques – both aspects are important features of my collection,” Leandro tells us. In the end, the designer developed a collection full of melancholy and majesty out of it, that made every model look like sprung from a romantic, modern fairytale.

As was the collection, of course, also the whole fashion show was a modern Leandro-Cano-fairytale: In absolute darkness, a voice out of nowhere told the story of Azrael, Leandro’s inspiration. Then, the models stepped out of the fog, crossing the line of light to the catwalk. To the sound of slow and dark tones they paced up and down the runway like mysterious creatures; like trembling souls guided to heaven by the Angel of Death, Azrael.

Designer for Tomorrow

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