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Leandro Cano “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012 is in Berlin for his first solo fashion show!
Last week Leandro left his atelier in Seville and arrived in the german capital for the final preparations of his collection and for his first, own fashion show. Therefore, he got a very own atelier in Berlin where he can follow his inspirations and work on his creations.

Since convincing the Jury Board of experts around patron Marc Jacobs in July and winning the title of “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012, Leandro has been supported by the Peek & Cloppenburg KG Duesseldorf with a sustainable, individual sponsorship program. The different components were discussed soon after the award show. Following we watched Leandro moving into his own atelier in Seville to work on his new collection, visiting the patron Marc Jacobs in his ateliers in New York and Paris, flying to Paris for the textile fair Première Vision to gain inspiration and getting various material sponsors for the collection. Finally, the highlight of the support is near: Leandro’s first own fashion show, presented in the tent of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Including an atelier in Berlin to finish the last details of his creations.

There we are! At Leandro Cano’s atelier in the center of Berlin. In the middle of sketches, pictures and textiles. The model casting is over. The final fitting is near. The looks are almost finished. Here and there the designer changes little details: adds an application, completes a stitching, shortens a skirt. Together with two assistants, who accompanied him to Berlin together with his family, he makes altogether 36 looks ready-to-present for the fashion show at the Brandenburg Gate.

Leandro Cano’s atelier is clean and neat, while at the same time a typical creative design chaos. Moods and sketches are covering the walls: runway looks, mystical paintings, detail shots, baroque architecture, and possible stylings for make-up and hair. All coming together in the creations hanging properly in a row or on a dress form here in the atelier. Also part of the room is Leandro’s desk – yes, creating does not only consist of sketching and sewing! Checking e-mails regularly, answering urgent requests or staying in touch with the DfT team is also part of Leandro’s daily routine. But the definite centerpiece, the heart of the atelier, is the huge table at the other end of the room. Scissors, fabrics and various sewing materials are ready to hand for the designer and his team. Cutting, sewing, stitching – here, the designs by Leandro Cano really come to life; here, they get the final finishings.
After the fitting, where the models for the different looks are determined, there will maybe be a few handles left to do on the collection. For the last time this means cutting, sewing and stitching for Leandro in his atelier in Berlin. At least for this season.
Then, Leandro Cano, the “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012 will present the creations within his first solo fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Keep in mind: January 15, 2013 | 6 pm!

Designer for Tomorrow

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