Fashion Travel Tips @DfT: Following the footsteps of Leandro Cano to Sevilla

Calle San Luis, Sevilla: In the midst of sketches, architectural patterns and meters of fabrics, Leandro Cano – the “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012 – is busy working on his new collection, which is going to be presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January 2013 on his first own fashion show.

Romanticism, majesty, elegance – all inspiration you can find on Leandro’s mood board are deeply rooted in his home town Sevilla. The city serves as his biggest influence; the place where his most creative ideas come to life. Following the up-and-coming designer through the streets of Sevilla, he reveals the city’s hot spots all located in the to-be-district Santa Cruz. Take a trip a la Leandro to the city with the following tips!

Las Casas de Judería
Plaza de Santa María la Blanca, 5

The perfect hotel for the culturally interested! “Las Casas de Judería” is located in the neighbourhood of the art museum “Museo de Bellas Artes”, the palace “Casa de Pilatos” and the cathedral. The hotel is a piece of art itself: In its courtyards and rooms, minimalistic design meets classical Spanish décor – inspirational not only to Leandro Cano.


EME Catedral Hotel
Calle de los Alemanes, 27

In the heart of Santa Cruz, in the midst of modern luxury and classical tradition one will find the “EME Catedral Hotel”. Leandro recommends: the rooftop bar with an incomparable view over Sevilla. As it is not always sunny in Sevilla, there are more than enough options to take some drinks in one of the bars inside of the hotel.


Hotel Alfonso XIII
Calle San Fernando,2

To see and to be seen! Legend relates that during the daily lunch at the “Hotel Alfonso XIII” temerarious toreos and their glamorous wives refreshed with delicacies from tapas and seafood to gazpacho and Spanish wine. Always a great location to gourmandise in Sevilla.


Bar Europa
Calle Siete Revueltas, 35

The “Bar Europa” opened in 1925. The inheritance from the past: an elaborately tiled floor and the baroque decoration on the wall. Also part of the interior since the beginning is the elegant mahogany bar in a typical dark brown. The kitchen serves a mix of Catalan and Andalusian tapas. Definitely worth a taste: the fish dishes.


Las Teresas
Calle Santa Teresa, 2

In a small, narrow alley in between traditional, cozy houses and bars, the attentive Sevilla-visitor may find the tapas bar “Las Teresas”. Most of the guests are locals and the staff predominantly speaks Spanish. Luckily, every single dish is of excellent taste so that you basically can order as you think best.


La Carbonería
Calle Levíes, 18

Leandro’s secret: To “La Carbonería” access is only granted to those who kindly knock on the unsigned front door. Allowed to step in, you are immediately affiliated in “la familia”. With its extra-long tables and benches you succumb to the former coal factory’s traditional charm. Alongside Andalusian delicacies “La Carbonería” is host to exhibitions, music live-acts and – of course – flamenco dancers.


El Garlochi
Calle de los Boteros, 26

The “El Garlochi” represents Spanish Catholicism at its best. Religious paintings and numerous icons look down on you, while you are enjoying food and drinks “Made in Sevilla”. Refresh yourself with a “Sangre de Cristo” – Blood of Christi – a mixture of champagne, red wine and tequila gold, while listening to Pepe’s stories, who is not only “El Garlochi’s” bartender but also its owner.

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