Leandro visits the Première Vision in Paris

As the winner of the „Designer for Tomorrow“ award, Leandro Cano is already well on his way to presenting his own collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January 2013. Part of the award is a sustainable and individual sponsorship program, which will support Leandro on this exciting journey and help him to build the brand „Leandro Cano“.

Through the sponsorship program, Leandro was able to travel to Paris a few weeks ago to visit the well-known textile fair „Première Vision“ which show-cases fabric trends and new patterns for the upcoming seasons.

Even though Leandro is already far into creating his new collection and has found lots of inspiration along the way, he tells us: „I did see lots of new fabrics and designs!“ The textile fair offered a lot of new information and insider knowledge for the newcomer designer and he summarizes his first time in Paris with the following words: “My time in Paris gave me experiences and sensations that I’ll never forget. All of them had a deep impression on me.“

After all, Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world, which is not only inspirational to Leandro, but to us as well. We’re excited to see when Leandro will return to the French capital for his future creations.

Designer for Tomorrow

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