DfT Family: Finalist Check Laura

This week we continue our finalists-check with Laura Williams to see where she is at today, almost 3 months after the show in Berlin. The first thing she did after the show was take a break. She tells us: “The award was such an amazing experience but it was very full-on and it was good to take some time off afterwards.” Now, however, she has re-charged her batteries and is currently not only producing her own work, but also working on a collaboration with another designer.

As far as her DfT-experience goes, Laura says: „I had a great experience and exposure from the award. It really gave me a platform to showcase my work as a young designer.” Laura also notes how great it is, that Germany is investing in young design talent, it creates a place for growth and inspirations.

Her own work is influenced a lot by vintage sportswear and functional garments, which becomes visible by the fabrications she uses – most of the materials are lightweight and water resistant. Laura usually layers these fabrics with print and knitwear to add her own touch and designs for “girls who steal their boyfriends’ clothes”.

As Laura continues with her designs and works on collaborations, she also says that she would love to do an MA in a couple of years – so whatever the future brings, we wish her all the best of luck!

Designer for Tomorrow

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