DfT Family: Finalist Check Ramil

Last week we checked-in with Camilla, one of our 5 finalists of this year’s DfT award and as promised, this week we’ll give you the inside-scoop of what Ramil has been up to.

After the award, Ramil has found he has more inner strength and confidence to move forward. Even though he was disappointed when he didn’t win, Ramil tells us that he learned a lot about himself during the experience. He describes the award, and the whole process behind it, as “awesome, inspiring and interesting”.

Currently, Ramil is working on his Fall/Winter Collection and developing his own original print. He says: “This time, I focused on something commercial but still with a stylish edge. My target customers are young people who are stylish and hip, who are not afraid of avant guard design!”. Since London is known for edgy design, Ramil is focusing on this, but also keeping a global customer in mind while planning his new collection. He explains, that even though he is a Europe based designer, he isn’t only making clothes for European customers – he is also looking at the other side of the pond, like America and also Asia, which offers a big market.

We certainly wish Ramil all the best with his new collection and creating his own prints. We’re excited to see the collection coming along and will be sure to check back with him in the near future.

Designer for Tomorrow

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