Modepilot for DfT: Winner Update

Leandro Cano, this year’s winner of the Designer for Tomorrow award, is back home in Sevilla, preparing for his busy life as an upcoming designer. As Leandro reveals, he can’t let go of Berlin, the city that had a major impact on his design career: “I just finished that one day in Berlin, I was so inspired and started to create the new collection on the same day.” A joyful collection, as Leandro tells me via e-mail. The collection reflects his happiness (there are “jjj” before and after each sentence – he is laughing a lot, I guess) and all the beautiful things happening to him – but there are no pictures that Leandro is giving away yet. He especially apprecciated all the comments he got from the other DfT finalists and was motivated to start with his new collection right away. What will be the outcome of all the experiences Leandro gained during the Designer for Tomorrow award show and sponsorship program? I just can’t wait to see the new creations! Leandro writes that he also discovered “a lot of new techniques and materials”. Sounds promising to me. Let’s have a visit in Leandro’s vibrating studio in Sevilla! But first, the designer is going to visit the Big Apple. Who is he going to meet in New York? What will be the first thing for him to do? I will let you know soon…




Designer for Tomorrow

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