DfT Family: News from Berlin – “KIESEL became a proper company. That feels great.”

We recently checked in with Alexandra Kiesel, last year’s winner of the DfT award, to see what she is currently working on. She still can’t believe how fast her career has taken off after winning the award: “I could have never imagined everything that is happening right now, back when I entered the award. Everything is going so well and feels right – I can hardly believe how lucky I am!”

The main focus of her work at the moment is the upcoming Russia collection for St. Petersburg WS 2013. For the collection, Alexandra looked to Russian art and constructivists, like Rodschenko and Stepanowa for inspiration. “Pleats and stripes is my new thing for the Russian collection. Inspired by the Russian constructivists. The designs are much straighter and tougher than the last collection. The colors are also very reduced – white, blue, red and anthracite. And of course there are stripes, stripes and more stripes.”

While she is working on her new collection, she is also preparing for an exciting new chapter as a lecturer of the first bachelor year at ESMOD Berlin. To her, this is a tremendous honor, to be able to teach at ESMOD so shortly after graduating herself. We are excited to see what else the future has in store for Alexandra Kiesel and will, of course, keep you updated here on the blog!


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