Leandro reveals his source of inspirations – from the first sketch to the final runway look

After seeing impressively beautiful collections, like the one Leandro Cano presented to our jury at the Designer for Tomorrow award in July, we always wonder: What inspires the designer? Leandro opened up to us about his inspirations and the thoughts behind his designs, and he even shared some of his private sketches with us – which we are happy to show you today!

When Leandro was a child, he sat on the floor and watched the olive trees around him for hours. To him, they represented the powerful idea of strength and wisdom in his world. To study these shapes and volumens has not only become an obsession of Leandro, but also the main imagery he tries to portray in all of his projects. Each item of his collection has been made with accurate attention to detail and with the aim of trying to highlight the Arabian influence of the Andaluzian culture in his daily routine. The collection is full of his family and friends, which are his source of inspiration – they are his roots and give him energy!   In general, it can be said that Leandro Cano is inspired by the memories of his childhood, his roots and the women in his family, as well as items and places that cause visual impact. This visual impact is something that translates visibly into his designs, just like these two pieces from his collection clearly show: he creates things with great textures, materials and attention to detail, that will leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Designer for Tomorrow

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