Modepilot for DfT: Final Fitting – It’s getting serious

Imagine a tall, beautiful woman standing in the middle of an old ballroom – spotlights on her. The surrounding: wooden floor, high ceiling, grey painted galleries and white ceiling frescos. She is wearing a piece of art around her hips, all black and Magenta-pink-high heels to it. It’s 8.30 in the morning. Today. A small piece of paper in the hedge of Villa Elisabeth was guiding us to: “Designer for Tomorrow – Fitting”.

The location – consecrated as the Protestant community hall in 1907 – is just perfect. There are waiting models who look like ballet-dancers and actually some of them remind me of the „black swan“. They wait to try on one of the designer’s dresses. Some dream of their future wedding to take place here, others of a fashion show.

The five finalists are busy checking their collection pieces: How do they look „on stage”? Tomorrow will be the decision day: the award show takes place in the tent of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Siegessäule. Camilla is going to change the pink shoes into black ones, she just decided. She puts “millions of hours” into her new and spectacular bomb-dress! Leandro moves the arms of a model: How do the accordion-sleeves look best? For a white woolen outfit he compares different T-stripe-sandals and pulls tights over them.

Ramil makes the last adjustments on his neon-colour-dresses. His models look like wonder women from the Carribean. And Siddhartha is giving an interview. He is already finished with his fitting: “I am just wondering, if I was too quick. But I am happy with everything.”

Laura loves her bright orange-coloured collection items especially on the model with the red hair, which really looks amazing! I guess her models are quite happy to deal with only 17 degrees today in the morning – wearing woolen hats, woolen socks upon leggings and some more layers. Anyway, tomorrow it’s going to be hot – for all of them!

Designer for Tomorrow

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