Modepilot for DfT: How’s it going with the preparations, Laura?

Busy. “It’s only a month to go and I still have lots to do but enjoying it all!!” Designer Laura Williams is currently working on two additional looks for the big DfT award show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin this July. She’s supplementing her existing urban outdoor fashion pieces with a jump suit that looks like ski underwear and comes with a pair of ski sunglasses with coloured lenses. The photo that she sent us depicts two new looks that she has integrated in her collection on her pin board. “I took this picture when I was planning the look: adding my two new designs to see how they looked as part of the collection.”

I’m looking forward to seeing which outdoor elements Laura is going to transform into urban fashion! So far she suggests already: “I’ve also started knitting myself now and I am currently knitting accessories for the show. They will be a mixture of orange and blue marl knits.”

Like all the other finalists, Laura is also working on three red carpet outfits – an additional challenge in the DfT contest. British-born Laura especially takes her time for the quality of fabrics, specifically by researching and buying: “Because the main aspects of my designs for the Challenge are expressed by the fabrics”, she said.

Laura is also printing her fabrics, what she really enjoys. Unfortunately she can’t send us pictures from the printing process: “Last week I went to the printers to digitally print my fabric for one of my newer pieces. I wasn’t able to take photographs inside the printers because other London designers have their prints printed there and they are very strict on photos.”

So what are Laura’s thoughts on Berlin? “I met some really amazing people and really learnt a lot from the experience. The city has such a great energy and I’m very excited and eager to come back.”

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