Modepilot for DfT: What’s up in Copenhagen, Camilla?

She’s one step closer to realising her life dream. Designer Camilla Salgaard returned from Berlin to her native Denmark and has been working since then on extending her very black and very exclusive collection. She sent us drawings from Copenhagen showing a double layered peplum – with  additional frills to create a feminine hip silhouette. It’s a continuation of the design thread featured in her grown-up collection: celebrate your curves! The fairy-tale ‘Alice in Wonderland’ that inspired her is now a fashion tale and Alice, who has survived puberty, is finally in a real wonderland. Or, as Camilla says: “It is about growing up and entering a beautiful and feminine universe, by transforming something vulnerable into something powerful.”

Camilla feels invigorated after her three days in Berlin. Talking to a 300-strong audience and presenting her collection during “Fashiontalk with Marc Jacobs” was a major challenge for her that she overcame with Alice-style aplomb. “Having 300 faces looking up at you and listening to you while spotlights are pointing at you is nerve-racking, but it definitely taught me a lot and in the end I actually enjoyed it (sort of at least ;) ).”

Back in Copenhagen, thinking of her discussions with Marc Jacobs, the Danish designer is moving closer towards her new final collection concept. The show in July is going to be unusual and couture-like. She’s planning a statement showpiece that’s a genuine eye-catcher. Like the rest of the collection, it’s going to be black, but not made of wool, cashmere or silk. No, she’s selected a different fabric for the final piece: “Something beautiful and a little bit excessive with an exquisite finishing.” It would probably look fabulous on Lady Gaga or curvy celebrity Dita Von Teese!

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