Modepilot for DfT: 3…2…1… Ramil is ready for take off

Another level. Ramil Makinano is back at work in London. His task is to create a total of five new outfits and decide on the hair styles and make-up concepts for the DFT award show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in July. He’s been visiting exhibitions and libraries in his home city London to gain inspiration for his new designs – the majority of which are made of fabrics featuring prints that Ramil has designed and applied himself! He certainly demonstrates the full range of his creative abilities.

Ramil prepared many drawings and designs before making up the first three outfits (a special DfT project). Now he’s about to start work on two more outfits, extending his six-piece collection by another two, so that he has eight pieces for the show. Ramil is collecting photos of hair styles and make-up that work well with his designs. All the effort that he has put into his collection has already paid off: “Everything I did, from the original idea to the research and development of my design concepts and the creation of my designs (colour palette, silhouette, print, texture, finishing and styling) was rewarded with positive feedback from Marc himself,” said Philippine-born Ramil.

He sees Marc Jacobs as “one of the great talents in fashion and recent history”. Marc Jacobs would probably also describe Ramil as a “talent”. I’ll never forget how awe-struck the famous fashion designer was by Ramil’s free-spirited creations.

Ramil also told me that he appreciates how his “dealings with the media” at his last DfT meeting in Berlin will help him to progress in his career, as well as the exchange with all the interesting people he met. Whether Berlin will inspire him to amazing new prints

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