Modepilot for DfT: News from Sevilla – Leandro preparing for the show

Very happy. Young designer Leandro Cano is back in Spain making just a few minimal alterations to his collection. “Marc Jacobs advised me not to make many changes”, he said. Leandro was the only one of the five finalists with more than the mandatory number of outfits in his collection.

He naturally loves the idea that he might emerge from the contest as the winner. Yet, he also believes that being one of the five finalists means that he’s already a winner. “During my time in Berlin, I was the happiest person alive”, he said, “I really want to go back and be with the people that treated me so well in Berlin.” Leandro met many people in Berlin who liked his work. Therefore, he’s now confident his dream of being a designer and incorporating his creative ideas into his own fashion might come true.

Along with his preparations for the DfT award show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, the talented Spaniard is also collaborating with various Spanish designers. This is obviously a source of vital experience and he’ll probably be channelling his ideas and creative powers into other brands and for other designers before he can incorporate them in a label of his own. And it’s obvious when you talk to Leandro that this is where he will be one day. He’s going to be the creative mind of his own label; a label that makes fashion with a passion for detail. If Leandro is successful in producing fashion that is wearable and affordable, we will possibly be hearing a lot about him in future and maybe buy clothing with his name on it.

Stay happy!

Designer for Tomorrow

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