Modepilot for DfT: Finalist Laura Williams – Playful, functional and orange

Laura Williams believes that fashion should be accessible. The 24 year-old from London likes the Acne, A.P.C. and Norse Project fashion labels and dreams of founding her own label in New York or Berlin. She thinks Berlin has a similar energy and buzz to New York.

She designs technical outdoor pieces with a mix of print and knitwear in her collections, like the one she entered in the ‘Designer for Tomorrow’ contest for these cities where people would love to go ‘hiking’ but don’t really have the time, “Like me,” said the designer who dares to experiment with textiles. Mottled grey knitted socks with shiny metallic platform sandals – Laura’s fashions are functional jackets and garments for the ‘it‘ districts. The parka in safety orange has an integrated compass and some of her other garments have hot water bottles and hiking maps.

The collection also features a rucksack and a rolled-up sleeping bag with a stylish strap that can be worn with all the outfits. Laura pairs up vibrant orange with knitwear, chunky knits and chunky knit prints. The jersey leggings with a printed knit pattern have everything it takes to be a best selling item – yet they don’t wear out like the genuine knitted leggings that are currently all the rage. Laura sometimes wears the print leggings herself even though, like the other designers, she is careful to protect the carefully tailored collection items.

She currently works as a design assistant at the British fashion label Aubin & Wills in London, a British heritage inspired brand. She still has to put together two more outfits for the young designer award event in Berlin this July. She already has six looks, but will need eight for the show. Thanks to Marc Jacobs she’s feeling very motivated. “It’s already a tight, good concept”, said the professional designer. Jacobs, Head Designer at Louis Vuitton, also appreciates her drawings and research. The most important thing for Laura is, “You have to be confident to make a collection work.”

Designer for Tomorrow

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