Modepilot for DfT: Finalist Camilla Salgaard Nielsen – Just black

Everything’s black. The 26 year-old Danish designer has submitted a completely black collection that is no less exciting than its bold-coloured counterparts. Black is the colour that enables Camilla to most effectively express her emotions and, according to her, this dark colour will always be a keynote element in her collections.
The only neutral colours that she might add one day are cream, grey and white. It is initially surprising to hear the designer say that her source of inspiration for her final collection was ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Camilla, who graduated with a degree in fashion design from Birmingham City University, explained how she got interested in the colourful tale by Lewis Carroll.

’Being a teenager means a lot of trouble. Everything seems to be against you.’ Camilla’s collection goes through a transformation similar to Alice’s transformation as a troubled teenager, which involved surreal scenarios where her body grew at such a rate that it frightened her. It embraces all the curves that girls don’t initially want to have, a feeling that many women will probably be familiar with. The dresses, shorts and coats by Camilla are full in all the places where we are embraced and they celebrate the bust and hips. What a wonderful idea! Shorts with flounces and sculptured flared skirt sections on dresses and coats are united in an exciting collection of fashion for proud women in demure black (because teenagers like to be as invisible as possible). The sophisticated fabric choices include silk, a wool and cashmere blend and fine mink on a pocket and in a cropped jacket.

So who is Camilla‘s favourite designer? Black champion Rick Owens for his creative lines, plus Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney whom she would like to work for one day. The young designer is currently working on a freelance basis as designer and fashion assistant at a fashion magazine called ‘Alt for damerne’ in Copenhagen. She’s also working on two or three other outfits for the show in Berlin this June. One of them is destined to be a stunning dress that wouldn’t look amiss on a couture catwalk: impressive, big … and entirely black. Marc Jacobs likes the idea.



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