Modepilot for DfT: Leandro Cano – Art, Passion & Concept

Sculptured looks in wool and leather. Leandro Cano is a couturier. His intricate designs with impressive details demonstrate how to put a 3D twist on folklore fabric and how glamorous and extravagant a knitted coat can be (popcorn knit, like a human-height strawberry in wool white).

The Spanish designer is the only contestant who has included far more than eight looks in his collection. We’re spoilt for choice! Curly haired Leandro lives for his fashion and over the last three months he hasn’t slept for more than two to three hours a night. Before he became a fashion designer he worked in graphic design. That explains his understanding of visual concepts. The 28 year-old has always been fascinated by fashion, but it took him a while to work up the courage to give it a go. He was inspired by a presentation about mixing different fabrics  – a concept that is still a driving force in his current designs, which merge tulle with wool (and vice-versa), combine leather with patterned folklore fabrics or knitwear with leather.

Leandro is aiming for the luxury niche, but he also has a concept for an affordable second line. His main line will mainly consist of show pieces, though! Leandro is ready to get started in the fashion world. All he needs now is a sponsor. His role models are Alexander McQueen (whose influences are obvious in his own collection), Viktor & Rolf (also evident), Thierry Mugler, Martin Margiela, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs because he is the man responsible for turning a classic fashion house (Louis Vuitton) around and putting art on the streets. Leandro would love to move to Berlin or London. He’s currently taking English lessons and working as junior designer for José Castro. He could also envisage rejigging Givenchy, although he likes what Head Designer Riccardo Tisci is doing there.

Leandro said, “Amazing, amazing, amazing,” about meeting Marc Jacobs. “I just wanted him to see my work. I was very impressed about how interested he was in everything.”

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