Modepilot for DfT: Media Morning with fashion designer Marc Jacobs and the five Designer for Tomorrow Award 2012 finalists.

The interview in Berlin’s famous Münzsalon was conducted expertly by confident journalist, Marlene Sorensen,  who enjoyed flirted with the youthful-looking star from New York.

As the interview progressed the irony was dropped, but Marc Jacobs remained very upbeat as he told everyone how the fashion world now embraces him far more than it did when he started out in his career. Back then he had to curb his creativity and design skirts with specific lengths to be able to sell them. John Cloppenburg told the young designers that creativity and wearability are intrinsically linked these days. He mentioned the example of etro shirts, which simply switched vertical stripes with diagonal ones and suddenly became a best-seller.

This is the first year that the award has invited contestants from all EU countries to participate. The five finalists are Leandro Cano from Spain, Siddhartha Anselm Meyer, the only German finalist, Laura Williams from London, Ramil Makinano, a Philippine from London and Camilla Salgaard Nielsen from Denmark. Marc Jacobs‘ support and encouragement has strengthened their determination to make their dreams come true.

Jacobs, all the finalists’ confessed role model, is focussing on advising rather than criticising the young designers. They’re being encouraged to be as creative as they like! And they’ve channelled all this positive energy into creating accurately tailored models and watertight concepts. Some of them have only been sleeping for two to three hours a night for weeks, yet they all look fresh and alert. They’re starting to grow wings!

Designer for Tomorrow

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