The new blog patron for Designer for Tomorrow: Kathrin Bierling of!

We’re thrilled to announce the new blog patron for DfT 2012: Kathrin Bierling, fashion journalist and director of the infamous style blog!

Until January 2013, Kathrin will cover all DfT events and news with the bluntness fashion experts have come to appreciate at modepilot, and make sure you’ll get all the info from behind the scenes!

The trained fashion editor will report from DfT highlights as  the media morning with Marc Jacobs, the final fitting or the DfT award show and after show reception. Kathrin will also cover the winner’s journey to New York where he or she gets to visit Marc Jacobs at his studio in downtown Manhatten as well as the visit of New York Fashion Week! Moreover, there are some insight interviews with the finalists to come!

Stay tuned for the first blog posts from Kathrin, and if you don’t know it already, you can check out one of Germany’s most influential fashion blog here:



Designer for Tomorrow

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