The mentor has landed: Marc Jacobs meets the finalists for the DfT collection viewing!

It’s been the first major highlight for the “Designer for Tomorrow” 2012 finalists: Coming straight from Paris, star designer Marc Jacobs arrived in Berlin yesterday to meet the young talents personally for the first time and to have a first look at their collections!

And he liked what he saw: Camilla Salgaard Nielsen’s puristic black designs, the opulent shapes and striking surface textures of Leandro Cano, the contrasting neon design ideas of Ramil Makinano, Laura Williams’ wide-meshed knitwear and the bold colors of Siddhartha Anselm Meyer’s menswear creations.

While the newcomers were bursting with excitement to meet the fashion icon and the award’s patron, Marc Jacobs was equally pleased with the Top 5′s potential: “Camilla, Laura, Leandro, Ramil and Siddhartha are very talented designers. Their collections reflect their personalities and are accessible to a lot of people at the same time. This balancing act is a big challenge for newcomer designers.”

Just like Marc, we can’t wait to see more from our fresh new talents!!

Designer for Tomorrow

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